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Tip #1:

Always use high quality locks on your unit. Tuxis Self Storage sells locks on-site; ask the Tuxis Self Storage on-site Manager for details

Tip #2:

Store furniture carefully on boards or pallets with furniture covers for protection.

Tip #3:

Break down items (such as table legs) and store large furniture (like tabletops and sofas) on end to save space.

Tip #4:

Nobody wants to pay for storage they don’t need. But a little extra space makes moving around within the unit much easier. It also gives you room to add those unplanned items that always seem to pop up. Storage facility managers can be quite helpful in determining how much space you will need. The Tuxis Self Storage Space Estimator is also helpful in calculating size requirements.

Tip #5:

Distribute the weight in packed boxes evenly. Make sure they are not too heavy for you and others who may be lifting them.

Tip #6:

Wrap mirrors and pictures in protective covering such as bubble wrap and mark them as “Fragile.” Cardboard corners can be purchased to protect the sharpest, weakest areas of frames.

Tip #7:

Consider Climate-Controlled: Tuxis Self Storage climate-control units maintain a steady temperature of between 50–80° using central air conditioning and heat. Maintaining a steady environment prevents warping, rust, yellowing, mold, and infestation of vermin.

Tip #8:

When you’re planning how you will pack your items, consider how frequently you plan to access them. Some packing methods are much easier to change as necessary, and less messy to work with.

Tips for Business Owners

Tip #1:

Make a list of all of the items you’ll be storing in your unit, and keep an ongoing inventory.

Tip #2:

Computers should ideally be put in a box and then packed securely with packing peanuts or some other type of foam insulation.

Tip #3:

Office furniture can be turned on end vertically.

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