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You may think that successful self-storage means your extra stuff is out of sight, out of mind. But it’s just as easy to overlook insuring your prized possessions when they’re stored remotely. In most cases, your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy will offer little or no coverage for the contents of a storage unit.

Self-storage facilities do not automatically offer tenant’s personal property insurance coverage either. Many storage facility companies, including Tuxis Self Storage, maintain insurance that includes coverage of any damage that occurs to the storage building itself, but importantly, this protection does not extend to the tenant’s stored business or personal belongings. We at Tuxis Self Storage offer Personal Property Insurance through Bader (part of the Commercial Inland Marine Leased Premises Property Coverage Program and underwritten by The Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association Insurance Company). Bader Personal Property Insurance brochures are available at our on-site leasing offices or mailed to you upon request. Bader Personal Property Insurance is offered for a minimal monthly fee that is combined with your rental fee for one easy payment. This small investment translates into some notable benefits:

  • Low cost/low deductible – You may be able to save quite a bit on the cost of insuring your items by going with a Bader Personal Property Insurance policy. Through a Bader Personal Property Insurance policy at Tuxis Self Storage you may secure $2,000 to $10,000 of insurance coverage on your belongings for a monthly fee of $9 to $39. This insurance covers damage to your belongings in the event of a variety of accidental circumstances, including fire, water damage, and theft.
  • Ease of use - Claims are filed through Bader Personal Property Insurance rather than your own insurance company. Therefore, these claims will not affect the amount of your monthly homeowner’s or renters insurance premium, nor cause your personal or business policy to be cancelled.
  • Supplemental coverage - If you are a business owner, you may already have insurance that covers equipment and other items you’ll be storing in a self-storage unit. However, you may wish to consider investing in the Bader Personal Property Insurance policy at Tuxis Self Storage as it provides good supplemental coverage for your items at low cost.

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