What Kinds of Vehicles can be Stored at a Tuxis Self Storage Facility?

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Tuxis Self Storage is a convenient place to store vehicles of virtually any type. Keeping your car, truck, van, RV, ATV, golf cart, boat, motorcycle, jet ski or trailer at a Tuxis Self Storage facility frees up valuable space on your property or in your garage. Since Tuxis Self Storage facilities rent on a month-to-month basis, this makes storing vehicles during the off-season or during extended periods of travel an excellent solution.

Accommodations for vehicle storage can vary from facility to facility at Tuxis Self Storage. Some facilities offer uncovered areas; others provide non climate-controlled garage-type space; others offer full climate-control space for the ultimate in protection from the elements. Smaller vehicles like jet skis and motorcycles can be stored inside a typical enclosed self-storage unit. Certain facilities have a dedicated area of uncovered parking spaces for RVs and large boats on trailers.

At Tuxis Self Storage, we recommend our customers consider these questions before signing a lease agreement:

  • What types of units and open spaces they offer for vehicles (e.g., covered or uncovered, enclosed non climate-controlled or enclosed climate-controlled).
  • What size units or spaces are available (what is the maximum length of the vehicle that can be stored in those areas).
  • Whether climate control is available (regulating the temperature in a storage unit can be important if you live in an area with extreme hot and cold temperatures).
  • Hours of operation for bringing, removing, and accessing your vehicle.
  • Is the facility clean and neat?
  • What security features are available at the site?

Tuxis Self Storage facilities have a few basic rules for vehicle storage:

  • Wheeled vehicles must be in drivable condition, (i.e. must be driven onto the lot).
  • Most vehicles must be registered and insured, and you must provide proof of each.
  • Tires must be inflated.
  • Customers are prohibited from occupying vehicles while in storage.

Be sure to check with the Tuxis Self Storage facility manager about the specifics of the Tuxis facility’s policies before you decide whether and where to store your vehicle.

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